I’m Heather.
I’m 22, I live in Auckland NZ and recently graduated as a medical laboratory scientist.
I love ice creams at the beach when it’s too hot for much else, I drink far too much coffee and I’ll never turn down a glass of red (farewell any hopes of gorgeous white teeth).

imageI often make comments about coffee being a standard component of my blood, it probably fuels my brain more than I care to admit.  I have a passion for cooking balanced and enjoyable meals that focus on healthy, whole, and nutritious ingredients, and espressomind gives me the chance to share this with you!

One of my greatest motto’s in life (and with food) is that moderation and balance are key!

I’ll happily devour a bucket of KFC fries if they’re put in front of me and I’m a sucker for anything with dark chocolate. But in saying that, I’m infamous at work for my mason jar salads and my weirdly healthy treats.

I’ve done a certificate in nutrition and enjoy trying out new recipes I’ve found or developed myself that incorporate an array of nourishing and natural ingredients.  I initially wanted to start this blog as a way to archive these recipes I’ve been trying and send them to friends or family, but then decided to grab my knife and fork and dig in to the blogging scene and share this with you all.

I live in a flat where we cook for ourselves since we eat different foods and as a shift worker it’s tough to share cooking when I often work during dinner time. While there’s a massive selection of incredible healthy food blogs out there, I found it quite hard finding food blogs that cater to singles or couples without having to drastically reduce serving sizes.  Espressomind is here to change that.  This blog reflects what I actually cook and eat, so a lot of the recipes you’ll find on here will be intentionally made for 2 servings, perfect for us singles and couples.  I almost always make enough for leftovers for lunch the next day when I make dinner, and the snacks and other goodies that I make and share with you are either in portions that won’t have you throwing out half the food because you simply can’t get through it all alone, or are freezer-friendly (my favourite!) so there’s stocks there for when you want them without having to spend time in the kitchen making it.

I know that life is short and you shouldn’t spend all of your time stressing over what you eat. And that’s exactly why I won’t shove that down your throats. Attempting to eat only a strictly “healthy” diet will do nothing but set you up for failure, you need to make changes that you can maintain for life, not just for a few weeks until the inevitable binge catches up.  I don’t agree with restrictive eating or exclusion diets, I prefer to focus on the nutrition and enjoying the great food you fuel your body with.  The goal behind Espressomind is to share wholesome recipes and lifestyle hacks with you that could better your life.  Recipes will be based around whole foods, lots of nutrients, lots of colour and lots of love.  I personally eat a diet very low in refined sugar and packed with veges, and the recipes will reflect that.  By all means adapt these recipes and tips to your own life, your own cuisine preferences and what you know you can make work for you and your family.


  • You deserve to feel amazing in that dress you’ve been dying to wear out.
  • You deserve to have the energy to be able to keep up with your kids kicking around a ball in the park.
  • You deserve to feel proud to share a delicious meal you’ve created with your partner.
  • Dance with the girl.
  • Achieve your dreams and goals.
  • Be the best version of yourself.

Be wholesome. Be happy. Be real. That’s what this blog is all about.

Please join me in the pursuit of healthiness. Try new things. I believe in you!